Past Exhibitions


The 7ft monaddigital exhibition: "FlaNetrie"

Pictures of the opening

- Rick Silva
- Kim Laughton
- N.Maigret & I.Murit
- GrandLapin
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Ynfab Bruno
- Meche Rodriguez
- Elena Garnelo
- Chase Starr
- Mario Santamaria
- Systaime
- Nicole Killian
- Yangculer
- Frere Reinert
- Zsolt Mesterhazy
- Karina Palosi
- Haydiroket
- Dominik Podsiadly
- Ellectra Radikal
- Theoklitos Trian
- Esteban Ottaso
- Dijana Mijatovic
- Radovan Misovic

- Matthieu Delourme

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Auto-movement, 2014



Ecological Social Network Workstation
The way of autonomously transmitting individuals’freewill through the network.
Global social networks, such as facebook, google+, twitter have created a new ecological network society through individualized programs, such as network knowledge sharing, global library, web-based autonomous learning, and those serving special marginalized individuals, forming various virtual social communities.
Users are able to launch various social movements on the ecological social network workstation, through collecting relevant key words and constructing visualized mind map, so as to share ideas with and win support from other users or participants. It is a process of expanding the impact of individuals’ mind map and forming collective power to amplify the voice of certain social groups on the internet.
Social movement in autonomous social networks (Ecological Social Network Workstation) mainly focuses on the development of network social movement based on independent individual or collective awareness through researching on autonomous social networks.