Past Exhibitions

Meche Rodriguez

The 7ft monaddigital exhibition: "FlaNetrie"

Pictures of the opening

- Rick Silva
- Kim Laughton
- N.Maigret & I.Murit
- GrandLapin
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Ynfab Bruno
- Meche Rodriguez
- Elena Garnelo
- Chase Starr
- Mario Santamaria
- Systaime
- Nicole Killian
- Yangculer
- Frere Reinert
- Zsolt Mesterhazy
- Karina Palosi
- Haydiroket
- Dominik Podsiadly
- Ellectra Radikal
- Theoklitos Trian
- Esteban Ottaso
- Dijana Mijatovic
- Radovan Misovic

- Matthieu Delourme

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Meche Rodriguez
A world out of this world, 2015



In human derived through the streets of Caracas no

room for pure contemplation, you move through desires

and pleasures of the exaltations of his people. A

city in which individualism meet in a boiling

psychological exaltations moving towards dynamic mass

of the figure of the flâneur badaud.


In one mode of apprehending the complex richness of

the urban landscape and its interpreters, this

soundscape, sample the bustling wealth psychology of

Caracas, form, forms and manifestations of mental

life and emerges as the solitary walker it looks at

each corner to the "heart of the crowd."


The sound is motion without movement "no sound". Our

everyday lives are plagued sounds, the world is a

world of sound. These sounds we seek data essential

for survival and understanding of the environment in

which we operate. Hearing references, we located,

give us proportions of the spaces we inhabit.