Past Exhibitions

Carrie Gates

The 6ft monaddigital exhibition:"Net-Recycling"

Pictures of the opening

- Nick Briz
- Anthony Antonellis
- Jan Robert Leegte
- Kim Laughton
- Systaime
- Doubleluckiness
- Frere Reinert
- Ellectra Radikal
- Miyo VanStenis
- GrandLapin
- Mario Santamaria
- Ying Miao
- Romain Courtois
- Dominik Podsiadly
- Rollin Leonard
- Carrie Gates
- Elena Garnelo
- Haydi Roket

Matthieu Delourme

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Carrie Gates
A portrait of a portrait of a portrait of NN, 2013




Video mix recorded live by Carrie Gates.
"Quetzalcoatl " music by Zebbler Encanti Experience (Willy Whompa Remix)

The images for this work were created in 2003 for a project where Carrie used a piece of OS9 software art by Adrian Ward called "A portrait of Netochka Nezvanova" to create a generative video collage of a collection of over 10 000 .psd files Carrie had prepared on the topic of "cyberculture". This video is the remix, prepared in Feb. 2013 for an online exhibition by Ellectra Radikal and Systaime Alias Michael Borras at cupcake.spamm.fr/.


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