Past Exhibitions

Léa Pagès


The 4th monaddigital exhibition: "Digital Texture"

Pictures of the opening

- Systaime
- GrandLapin
- Thomas Cheneseau
- Lorna Mills
- Matthieu Delourme
- 黄小捷
- Christelle Hervé
- Nick Briz
- Léa Pagès
- Chase Starr
- 李益阳
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Bernhardt & Ertas
- Nicole Killian
- Tian LCN
- Glenis Paul
- Francisco Hauss
- 周曼霖


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Léa Pagès
Net 网, 2013
Interactive Picture.

Actually researchers are experimenting with a Wi-Fi alternative technology : the Li-Fi (Light Fidelity).  It uses the optic spector instead of the electromagnetic spector to delease informations... In this work invisible spider webs appears thanks to the flash light of the camera.




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