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Nick Briz


The 4th monaddigital exhibition: "Digital Texture"

Pictures of the opening

- Systaime
- GrandLapin
- Thomas Cheneseau
- Lorna Mills
- Matthieu Delourme
- 黄小捷
- Christelle Hervé
- Nick Briz
- Léa Pagès
- Chase Starr
- 李益阳
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Bernhardt & Ertas
- Nicole Killian
- Tian LCN
- Glenis Paul
- Francisco Hauss
- 周曼霖


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Nick Briz
Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital Age, 4m16, 2009
Digital Video


"Nick Briz’s video 'A New Ecology for the Citizen of a Digital Age’' is an avalanche of collaged video images that merge into eye-popping patterns — nothing new, until Briz appears and, with a sweeping gesture, wipes out the imagery, leaving white space. Then the pictures crowd in again; there’s even a video under Briz’s shirt. It’s an affecting battle of man versus media."  - The Boston Globe

"[...] Briz like Paik implicates the viewer directly in a blatant challenge to question the legitimacy of a society built on the furtive subtleties that information and media technology provide. (...) his work asserts the conviction that it is actually becoming part of our human essence. In turn, A New Ecology provokes the viwer to reconsider the mutually constructive nature of human identity and technology. (...) it has become part of the artist's responsability to loudly and unapologetically use their work as a signpost for issues relating to technology's intrusion on our identity."  -Carli Vierke Negotiating Corporeality, Negotiating Identity: the Artist's Use of the Cyborg as Response to a Technological Age 1969 - 2009 (the University of British Columbia).





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