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Ludovic Bernhardt & Can Ertas


The 4th monaddigital exhibition: "Digital Texture"

Pictures of the opening

- Systaime
- GrandLapin
- Thomas Cheneseau
- Lorna Mills
- Matthieu Delourme
- 黄小捷
- Christelle Hervé
- Nick Briz
- Léa Pagès
- Chase Starr
- 李益阳
- Miyo Van Stenis
- Bernhardt & Ertas
- Nicole Killian
- Tian LCN
- Glenis Paul
- Francisco Hauss
- 周曼霖


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Ludovic Bernhardt & Can Ertas
9 crosses, 2013
Animated website

Behind an optical animated grid are hidden some encrypted messages. First, the user has to zoom in the crosses pattern to read the minuscule words ; then he must click on the words located inside the animated crosses. He will learn the meaning of it: the real understanding of 9 mythological names, linked with the military technology, appears in goggle search engine. The optical encrypted pattern introduces the user to a danger, a political and technological treat of our contemporary age. Between modernism, minimalism and disembodied codes, this piece is a critical process of the imperialist ideologies of control.

The codes, names, and mythological names that the user will discover, associated with some technological codes, are used by national armies as a symbolic power which can justify their barbarian action : US, France, Israel, UK, Turkey, China, Europe, Iran, Germany, each country or continent works between war, technology and... mythology. This art work tries to reveal 9 war flying technology, (drones, planes, rockets) and their connexion with a universal mythology of power, just by the way of the Goggle search engine, which is also a representation of monolithic domination all overthe world wide web.  Here is the list : Hermes, Karrar, Aladin, Taranis, Predator, Barracuda, Dragon eye, Soar Dragon, Anka.



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